Agility Fuel Systems and Hexagon Lincoln create a joint venture to build CNG cylinders

Agility Fuel Systems and Hexagon Lincoln create a joint venture to build CNG cylinders

PHOTO: Jack Schimenti, President of Hexagon Lincoln (center right), congratulates Barry Engle, CEO of Agility Fuel Systems (center left), on the creation of their new joint venture, Agility Hexagon. They are accompanied by Chet Dawes, VP of Hexagon Lincoln (far right), and Ron Eickelman, President of Agility Fuel Systems (far left).

Santa Ana, CA, May 6, 2014 — Agility Fuel Systems, the leading designer and producer of onboard natural gas fuel systems for heavy duty trucks and buses, and Hexagon Lincoln, the leading producer of compressed natural gas (CNG) storage cylinders, announced today at the Alternative Clean Transportation Expo that the two companies have formed a joint venture, Agility Hexagon, LLC, to build cylinders for use in Agility’s systems.

The companies will leverage their combined technical and R&D expertise to better integrate cylinder/system designs and bring to market a new, differentiated cylinder available exclusively on Agility fuel systems.

As part of the joint venture, the parties have also committed to build a dedicated cylinder production facility that will be co-located with a new fuel system assembly operation to be built by Agility. The exact location of this new plant has not yet been announced, but is intended to be located in the eastern US, close to OEM and fleet customers who operate there. This facility will complement Agility and Hexagon’s already state of the art manufacturing and provide customers with the industry’s best economies of scale, logistical costs and response times.

“We see today’s announcement as a positive development for all of our customers and for the industry in general,” said Jack Schimenti, Hexagon Lincoln’s President. “Through the joint venture we will be able to better meet Agility’s specific needs, while continuing to supply all of our existing customers with the outstanding products and services they’ve come to expect from us. The combined capacity, production and purchasing efficiencies will simply be unmatched by anyone in the industry.”

Barry Engle, Agility’s CEO, stated: “The Agility Hexagon joint venture ensures that in a rapidly growing market we will always have sufficient cylinder capacity to meet our customers’ needs. It helps us bring product innovations to market even more quickly and maximizes operational efficiencies. We see this integration as a logical next step in our evolution and are pleased to take our partnership with Hexagon Lincoln to the next level.”

About Agility:
Agility Fuel Systems is headquartered in Santa Ana, CA and is the industry leader in natural gas fuel systems for heavy truck and bus applications. It has been supplying OEMs, dealers and fleet customers for nearly 20 years.

About Hexagon Lincoln:
The Hexagon Lincoln division of Hexagon Composites is based in Lincoln, NE. It has been filament winding composites for 50 years and producing Type 4 CNG cylinders for 20 years.