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Why Use Type 4 Cylinders?

  • Lightweight – Type 4 cylinders offer the lightest weight per unit volume of any CNG cylinder
  • Long Service Life – Unlike metal cylinders or type 3 aluminum-lined composite cylinders, type 4 cylinders have a plastic liner that does not experience metal fatigue after repeated fill and discharge cycles

Patented Agility TUFFSHELL® Features

  • Boss flange design provides “lock” between boss and plastic liner
  • Boss anti-rotation features
  • Flexibility with respect to boss material
  • TUFFSHELL® foam and overwrap enhance durability and robustness
  • Hybridized structural laminate increases toughness without an appreciable sacrifice in size/weight
  • Liner material and carbon fiber composite offers exceptional cyclic fatigue and stress rupture resistance
  • Reference US patents 5,429,845 & 5,476,189 and JP patents 3,491,175 & 3,517,789

Agility Cylinder Safety

    Drop Test

  • Damage inducing drops performed unpressurized (i.e. weakest)
  • After successive drops at various angles, test article is cycled 10-125% of service pressure for 750 cycles for each year in the product’s designed service life

Agility Cylinder Safety

    Bonfire Test

  • Testing thermally activated pressure relief device
  • Tank must vent contents in a controlled manner without rupture

Agility Cylinder Safety

    Penetration Test

  • .30 caliber armor piercing bullet completely passing through tank wall
  • Tank must not rupture

Agility Cylinder Safety

    Flaw Tolerance Test

  • Flaws induced (up to 40% of composite thickness)
  • Rupture with residual burst strength requirement

Agility Cylinder Safety

    Pneumatic Cycling Test

  • Using service gas, cycle 1,000 times from 10-100% of service pressure

Agility Cylinder Safety

    Leak Before Break Test

  • Cycle 45,000 times without leakage or failure (for Type IV cylinders)

Agility Cylinder Safety

    Additional Tests

    Agility conducts additional tests above and beyond specific certification requirements:

  • Acid exposure
  • Cold fast fill
  • Fast blow down
  • Boss pullout
  • Weld strength
  • Severe impact

Agility Cylinder Certifications

  • Agility’s cylinders are designed, manufactured, tested, and qualified according to the requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation (US DOT), National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 304, Compressed Natural Gas Fuel Container Integrity
  • They also meet the requirements of ANSI/NGV 2 (2007), Basic Requirements for Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Fuel Containers
  • Our cylinders exported globally meet ISO 11439, ECE R110, ADR/TPED, Russian GOST, Korean KGSC, and many other national standards

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