Agility Fuel Solutions Training

Agility Fuel Solutions Training

Are your techs ready to use CNG and/or LNG fuel? Do they understand the benefits of using this naturally clean burning and cost-effective fuel? Like any new technology, there are important safe practices to remember. Our CNG and LNG training courses help you and your employees understand how best to use and maintain our natural gas fuel solutions and how to optimize the experience and value.

Fuel Systems
Receive the following benefits from enrolling in our CNG and/or LNG Training Programs

  • Training seminar at your location or Agility facility
  • Includes hands-on training session with CNG or LNG vehicle (where available)
  • Electronic copies of all training materials:
    • Recent Agility service bulletins
    • List of service parts that should be kept in stock
    • Relevant electrical wiring diagrams
    • Troubleshooting information
    • Warranty manual
  • Training on a variety of the specialized and proprietary tools required to service Agility Fuel Solutions
  • Certificate of completion

Who should be trained?
We recommend individuals in the following positions attend the training classes:

  • Mechanics and technicians
  • Shop managers and supervisors
  • Fleet managers and supervisors
  • Warranty claims managers and admin (first segment)
  • Fleet fueling personnel

How do I arrange for training?
For more information, please call our hotline at +1 949 267 7745 or toll free at +1 855 500 2445 (US and Canada) and ask a service advisor about training.

Agility Video Library
Agility has made available a series of videos explaining how CNG and LNG fuel systems work and how they are services.