About Agility Fuel Solutions

About Agility Fuel Solutions

Who We Are

Agility Fuel Solutions is the leading global provider of highly-engineered and cost-effective compressed natural gas, liquid natural gas, propane, and hydrogen fuel systems and Type 4 composite cylinders for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

Our solutions enable the safe and effective use of natural gas, propane, and hydrogen as a transportation fuel. These clean fuels reduce greenhouse gas and other air emissions and save money for fleet operators and their customers.

Agility is the most recognized brand for performance, reliability, durability, and safety of our fuel systems as well as our engineering capabilities and superior end-to-end customer service.

Where We Operate

Agility’s team of over 400 highly-qualified alternative fuel professionals is strategically located to provide OEMs, dealers, and fleet operators best-in-class product development, manufacturing, service, and support wherever they are.

Why Work With Agility

Deep Clean Fuels Experience

Agility has been manufacturing natural gas, propane, and hydrogen fuel systems and storage solutions for over 20 years

Proven real-world reliability based with over 35,000 systems and more than 240,000 Type 4 cylinders in the field

Experience in delivering CNG, LNG, hydrogen, and propane fuel solutions on all OEM chassis platforms

Trucks and buses running with Agility systems log billions of miles on the road every year

Unparalleled Engineering Capability

Agility’s solutions are designed and engineered jointly with leading global truck and bus manufacturers

Deep engineering knowledge across clean fuel options: CNG, LNG, propane, hydrogen

The Agility team brings together composites specialists, materials scientists, chemical engineers, engine controls

experts, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and test and validation experts to deliver state of the art products

Test and Validation Exceeding OEM Requirements

The only OEM factory-installed clean fuel systems on the market

Designed to meet all OEM requirements for safety, packaging, quality, and installation

Extensively tested and validated by truck and bus OEMs

Only company conducting 30 mph side impact and bonfire testing and million-mile durability tests of its systems

Broadest Product Portfolio That Sets Industry Standards in Safety and Reliability

Most advanced safety systems and features

Efficient package to deliver the maximum fuel on -board with the optimal weight

Use of materials and designs consistent with modern fuel efficient trucks

Designed for serviceability and ease of maintenance

Deep Commitment to Customer Service with Extensive Geographic Coverage

Comprehensive warranty with replacement parts, service support, and training

Service partnerships with Cummins and McNeilus provide expert service center capability and parts availability across North America

Dedicated service engineering capabilities and troubleshooting experience

Best-in-class customer call center and field service teams